How KnaveCoins Work

Knavecoins are a cryptocurrency based on Bitcoin. Knavecoins can be sent and received worldwide with little or no fees. No personal information is required to use Knavecoins!

Knavecoins are initially created, or “mined”, by performing special calculations. These calculations are very hard to do, and the specific difficulty of the calculations required is automatically adjusted so that 50 Knavecoins are mined every 2.5 minutes. Start Mining!

Getting Started:
Getting started with Knavecoin is easy and free!
1. Download the wallet software here (Windows only) for other platforms, download the source code here! This software lets you send and receive Knavecoins

2. Launch the wallet software. If you get a firewall pop-up, allow the wallet to communicate on all networks. The wallet must connect to, and communicate with, other Knavecoin users in order to send and receive Knavecoins.

3. Wait for the blockchain to download. You will know this is complete when the progress bar in the bottom of the window disappears and a green check mark appears in the lower right.

4. You’re now ready to use Knavecoins! Of course, you’ll need to get some first. Go to the Receive tab of the wallet, and note your unique Knavecoin address (a long string of letters and numbers, starting with a K).

5. You can get FREE KnaveCoins from PoolKnave Pari-Mutuel Predictor page.

6. You can check the movements of Knavecoins between the different wallets via the Block Explorer.